What is a Cannula Tank Aquarium?

Cannula Tank Aquarium

Living Color Aquariums has built many types of custom tank aquariums in its near 30 years of heritage as the leading international custom commercial and residential tank aquarium designer and manufacturer.  In this tradition we have built the Cannula Tank Aquarium. I came up with the name Cannula [kan-yuh-luh] to connote a cylinder or pipe shaped tank aquarium, in which the height is disproportionate to the width, in as much as the aquarium resembles a tube shape.  Of course, the Cannula naming convention can be attributable to wider girth tank aquariums as well.

Why did I name this type of cylinder or pillar shaped tank aquarium a Cannula, very simple; the word Cannula not only describes the shape of the tank but also the unique shape matches the unique name for this type of tank aquarium.

Herein, the Cannula Tank or Cannula Aquarium is meant to reflect the strength and character of a pillar; for example, a roman pillar. We were approached by a fortune 500 company to come up with a unique tank for their trade show exhibit and we exceeded their expectations.

Herein, we came up with the Cannula tank, that not only has visual strength of character but is vibrant with many hues of lighting colors emanating from the base of the tank erupting upwards in harmony with the water bubbles.

Cannula tanks are perfect for trade shows, hotels, casinos, commercial offices, retail shops, shopping centers, office lobbies, exhibitions, residential spaces and more; the possibilities are endless.


cannula-tank-roman-gold -column-living-color-aquariums

Cannula Roman Gold Column Tank Aquarium Creative Concept by 

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