Water Features

Water Features

Water is an absolutely incredible element. It holds more secrets than space, changes landscapes, is uncompressable, and is vital key to supporting life. A perfect way to display this powerful life giving element is through a custom water feature.


Unknown to most, a water feature is more than just a beautiful sculpture or piece of art, it also provides significant health, mood, and environmental benefits. Find out more about how a Living Color’s water features can benefit you and your guests below.


Over the course of our companies history, we have become adept at creating unbelievable and unconventional water features for a wide range of applications. Those applications include commercial, public, and residential clients that were looking for a spectacular kinetic masterpiece to enhance a space and marvel guests.

  • Defines a space and provides an amazing focal point.
  • Lower a rooms ambient temperature by several degrees.
  • Creates a soothing environment for guests to relax.
  • Naturally attracts airborne allergens and pollutants.