Touch Tank & Educational Marine Touch Tanks

Have you ever owned an aquarium and just want to dive in there and touch the sea life?  Well, you now can with a Living Color Aquariums customized Touch Tank!

What is a Touch Tank?  It is an aquarium that is easy to maintain, people friendly, and made from thick acrylic with its own hidden customizable life support system (LSS) which mimics mother nature’s own biological process.  The acrylic may be shaped into any form, such as circular, bowed, and free form (a shape that not conforming to a regular structure).  The depth of the Touch Tank may be shallow enough so only your hand may be submerged in the water instead of your entire arm.  You read it correctly, Touch Tanks may eliminate your entire arm from getting wet!

The most important topic, which is essential to the longevity and health of your sea life organism, is the customized LSS.  The type of LSS required is based on the organisms you place in the tank; for example, sea stars require a different type of LSS than a stingray Touch Tank based on the bio load.  Living Color Aquariums will assist you in determining which LSS will be best suited for your Touch Tank.

Touch Tanks are available as portable or stationary, depending on your needs.  Such as, schools prefer the portable Touch Tanks to move from one classroom to the next; while you may prefer a stationary Touch Tank in your home and/or work place.  Living Color Aquariums custom design Touch Tanks are easily broken down with minimal tools and transported to a new location with ease.

Now the fun part, what sea life organisms to place in your Living Color Aquariums customized Touch Tank.

Conchs, corals, hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, oysters, sand dollars, sea cucumbers, sea horses, sea stars, sharks, shrimp, snails, and stingrays to name a few.  There are too many other shallow dwelling sea life organisms to name them all.

Now that you are excited about having your very own Touch Tank, it is time to order one.  Remember, your Living Color Aquariums customized Touch Tank is only limited by your imagination.

Author: Tessy Weigold

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