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Atlantis Casino Gets Another Living Color Aquarium Masterpiece

Staying dedicated to its theme the Atlantis Casino, located on Paradise Island just a short ride from Grand Bahama, surrounds you with the beauty of the ocean and the magnificent creatures that call it home. Their expansive collection of marine aquariums are everywhere on the property, from the incredible water slide that takes you through a shark tank, to massive curved aquariums that line the walls of the casino floor. To immerse you even deeper into the ocean experience [...]


Living Color Aquariums Attends Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conference

Last week Living Color Aquariums was given the opportunity to make an appearance at the 2015 Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This annual 5-day conference featured keynote speakers, poster presentations, social events and more.  We were lucky enough to have booth space at this event to show off our wonderful team members and products to hundreds of people that visited the event. If you missed us at the event or plan on being in [...]