Swimming Pool Windows for Residential Home and Commercial

Swimming Pool Windows for Residential Home and Commercial

Can you image looking out of the window while swimming or someone watching you swim? How about the entire bottom or side of swimming pool being transparent?  That would be an amazing view!  Now you can, with one of the fastest growing trends, a swimming pool window!

The swimming pool window could be as small as a porthole on a ship or as large as the entire bottom of the swimming pool. You could even make the entire pool transparent!  These windows are made from glass or acrylic.  We will discuss the reasons to use acrylic over the glass, various designs, and the purposes of the swimming pool windows.

The following reasons as to why acrylic is better than glass: (See blog titled “Aquariums for Sale” for additional details regarding the difference between glass and acrylic.)

  1. An acrylic window has the same refractive light index as the natural sunlight and only bends once when it reflects off the water, resulting in crisper and brighter colors than glass.
  2.  Acrylic is up to four times stronger, harder to break, and able to hold more weight than glass.
  3. The designs of acrylic swimming pool windows are unlimited due to the flexibility to mold acrylic into almost any shape and size.

There are too many various acrylic window designs to mention so we will just list a few:

  1. Radius spa window.
  2.  Separation of the pool from jacuzzi.
  3.  Infinity edge.
  4.  Elevated pool with the entire or part of the bottom is transparent.
  5.  Layered pools/pools with different levels.
  6. One side is acrylic.
  7.  The entire or a portion of the pool is acrylic.

These designs allow the owner to add their own personal touch and/or style to make their pool unique.

These swimming pool windows may be used for residential or commercial use. The some of the residential uses include, but not limited to,

  1. Complement the existing pool or home (i.e., overlooking a scenic view with the infinity edge).
  2.  Observation tool for parents with children (allows parents to notice if a child accidentally falls into the pool or if they are in distress).
  3.  The window brightens up an otherwise dark adjacent room by allowing natural sunlight travel through it.
  4. Aesthetically pleasing by adding dimension to the swimming pool.

Some of the commercial uses include, but not limited to,

  1. Observations for diving and swimming teams.
  2.  Makes underwater photography easier and less expensive.
  3.  Viewing of underwater animals at aquariums and zoo (i.e., fish, sharks, otters, bears, tigers, and dolphins).
  4.  As previously mentioned, aesthetically pleasing to guests by adding dimension to the swimming pool.

Go ahead and take the plunge! Make your pool unique with your own personal touch by allowing Living Color Aquariums to install your new swimming pool window.  You will be the envy of everyone.

Author: Tessy Weigold

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