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Living Color is known worldwide for handcrafting the finest custom residential aquariums on the planet. We provide clients with a level of quality, craftsmanship and elegance that few others can achieve.

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We take great pride in on our ability to provide our clients with unlimited options when adding a aquarium to their home. From seamlessly integrating an aquarium into a living space, to aquariums that are the primary focal point of the room, we work with your design team to ensure your vision is executed flawlessly.

Our Standard

Unlike other custom aquarium manufacturers, we invest the time to throughly discuss and understand every clients vision, requirements, and expectations from day one. This investment allows us to explore several key areas of the project that are critical to the success, longevity, and health of the aquarium. It also ensures that we provide our clients with a superior product that they can trust and exceeds their expectations.
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