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Our unforgettable creations can be seen at leading public aquariums, zoos and institutions worldwide. As a result, our years of experience working with these prestigious institutions has given us the ability to understand their specific needs and in turn deliver products that exceed their expectations.

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Creating unforgettable experiences and memorable moments, is what every public institution strives to achieve from their initial concept. Which is why we work closely with your teams through every phase of the project. This enables us to completely understand each projects specific requirements and better execute your vision. Visit our gallery to see more of our works.

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From renderings to engineering drawings our in house design teams take your vision and bring it to life. We work closely with you and your teams to ensure that every detail is translated correctly from the start.


Our factory also features one of the finest full service mill house and cabinetry division to create any element your project may require.


Need something milled? Our two CNC machines can mill a wide range of materials into various shapes that you may need.


Does your project require and massive amount of corals? No problem. Our dedicated coral department is designed to manufacture public aquarium sized orders. They can even create custom pieces to match any exhibits specific needs.


Adequate filtration and life support systems are critical to the health and longevity of any system. Which is why we engineer, build, and test every element in house. This ensures the highest quality standards are kept intact throughout the entire process.


Cleanliness is key! Our in house maintenance team can custom tailor specific maintenance programs for any size, shape, and type of aquarium or habitat.

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