Branch Coral Purple 247


Branch Coral Purple 247

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Living Color

Living Color Aquariums has designed these spectacular artificial corals and organisms including Branch Coral Purple 247.

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Branch Coral Purple 247: Living Color Aquariums has designed these spectacular artificial corals and organisms including Branch Coral Purple 247.

  • Designed to mimic natural reef structures found throughout the oceans
  • Corals are strategically placed on the inserts for easy maintenance.
  • Our reefs are engineered to endure harsh aquatic environments.
  • We use tough materials to ensure our reefs stay put.
  • We seal the entire reef so it will not discolor or degrade over time.
  • We can custom color all of our inserts to match your specific taste.
  • Hides a built into all of our reefs to give the tank dwellers some cover.
  • All of the materials we use are inert and non-toxic for the inhabitants.

custom artificial coral

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Living Color


Blue Gray (BLGY)

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