Aruba Coraline Attached

Aruba Coraline Attached

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The Coraline Aruba reef is a small sized aquarium insert that designed and hand painted to simulate a natural reef environment. It also offers ample hiding places for all of your aquarium dwellers.

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One of our newest editions to the Living Color Artificial Reef lineup, the Aruba Coraline series. The Coraline Aruba reef is a small sized insert that is specifically designed to simulate a natural reef structure and offers ample hiding places for all of the aquariums inhabitants. It comes decorated with our signature Living Color artificial corals that are handcrafted to mimic their natural counterparts and come in a wide variety of bright colors that will make your aquarium look incredible! The Dominica Reef comes in several signature finishes that are hand painted to replicate the reefs found throughout the worlds oceans. Custom corals, finishes, and color options are available for this product. For more information about customizing your reef insert please contact us directly via the information below.


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This insert is recommend for a 3 sided aquarium backdrop.

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 15 × 19 in

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