Licence Free Fishing Days Set For Florida’s Summer Months

Licence Free Fishing Days Set For Florida’s Summer Months

Did you know that in order to go fishing in saltwater or freshwater areas in Florida a licence is required? Regardless if you are a resident or non-resident of the state of Florida, you must obtain a license to fish in the waters. Because of this, licence-free fishing is something many people look forward to during the summer months in Florida.

Florida Governor, Rick Scott, has announced the licence-free freshwater and saltwater fishing days for 2015.

Licence-free freshwater fishing:

  • Second Saturday & Sunday in June

Licence-Free Saltwater Fishing:

  • First Saturday & Sunday in June
  • First Saturday in September
  • Saturday following Thanksgiving

These free-fishing days provide a great opportunity for many people who do not yet have their licence and want to try out fishing. On these days mentioned above, the fishing licence requirement is waived for all recreational anglers (residents & non-residents).

To read more about Florida’s licence-free fishing days click here. 

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