Koi Fish: Japanese Fish Popular Addition to Your Fish Tank Aquarium

Koi Fish: Japanese Fish Popular Addition to Your Fish Tank Aquarium

Koi fish, Japan’s symbol for good luck, are valued all over the world. These fish are peaceful and elegant creatures that many people collect and breed to compete for championship titles. Like show dogs, Koi fish shows are taken very seriously. Koi fish that come from a championship bloodline are extremely valuable and can sell for as high as $10,000 per fish!

This past weekend the Grand Championship for Koi fish located in Austrailia, brought hundreds of competitors from many different countries with their Koi’s to compete for the title of Champion. Each Koi was judged on body conformation, color, pattern and overall quality. The winner of this year’s Grand Championship for Koi has been competeing for the past 23 years. Although the winner receives a tophy and money, it is the title and the love of fish competitors really attend for.

To read more about the Grand Championship for Koi click here.

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