Jellyfish Aquarium Designer and Manufacturer

Jellyfish Aquarium Designer and Manufacturer


If you are in the market for something unique to decorate your home, business or even add a little something to your man cave, we highly suggest a Jellyfish aquarium. These types of aquariums are on the rise and incredibly popular with owners for several reasons. The first of those reasons, shear beauty. The second, they are phenomenal conversation starters. People are always intrigued by Jellyfish and drawn to look. They float gracefully through the water with long tentacles that flow out from their bodies and a bell that gently undulates propelling them almost effortlessly through space. They are truly one of natures most beautiful oddities.

Why A Jellyfish Aquarium Would Be An Awesome Addition To Your Home

Ok, so if that peeked your interest in a Jellyfish aquarium here is more about the fascinating creatures.

Jellyfish are extremely diverse animals that can be found in every ocean on the planet. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. We have highlighted some of the elements that make the Jellyfish so cool.

Shapes – Nature really pulled out the stops for this animal, Jellyfish come in a wide array of shapes from the standard dome shaped to Box Jellyfish that have the shape of an upside down Chinese takeout box.

Size – From monsters 8 feet wide to ones the size of your pinky nail, the Jellyfish covers a large gamut when it comes to size. The Largest Jellyfish on record is the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, the smallest is the Box Jellyfish and it is also the most deadly.

Colors – Jellyfish colors can range from virtually transparent to, gem like topaz color, blood red, crystal blue or even a milky translucent white color. On top of that they are decorated with striking patterns and contrasting accent colors.

They glow too!?! Yes, because of their unique body structure, they are able to reflect or even transmit the light generated by an aquariums lighting system. Some Jellyfish even create their own bioluminescence to attract prey. This is just another reason why Jellyfish tanks are growing in popularity, they have the uncanny ability to make a tank glow! And with today’s aquarium lighting being highly controllable you can literally select any color your mood desires or your room requires and the Jellyfish will cast that hue. Most lighting systems will let you preset shifting color patterns or even replicate your favorite destinations sunrise and sunset.

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Author: Living Color Team