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Nat Geo WILD’s reality TV series Fish Tank Kings follows Living Color Aquariums in our daily manufacturing operations, bringing the home viewing audience into what it takes to pull off the most extreme and elaborate aquariums in the world. Our team of designers, craftsmen, project managers and installers are in the spotlight as viewers experience the unparalleled skills, creativity, and teamwork it takes to create these amazing living works of art.
How long has Living Color Aquariums/Fish Tank Kings been in the aquarium business?
Living Color Aquariums has been manufacturing custom aquariums for over 25 years. We have more industry experience than any other custom aquarium builder in the world.
How much experience do Living Color Aquariums/Fish Tank Kings employees have?
The average Living Color Aquariums/Fish Tank Kings employee tenure is approximately 7 years, with some as high as 20 years.
What makes Living Color Aquariums/Fish Tank Kings superior to other aquarium manufacturers?
1. Proprietary in-house manufacturing turnkey process with specialists in design, engineering, fabrication, installation, marine biology, quarantine and maintenance, 2. Focus on quality of workmanship and technical precision – getting it right the first time, 3. Premier industry reputation, particularly with theme parks and public aquariums…just ask around
How “real” are the projects on Fish Tank Kings?
All the custom aquariums seen on the show are viable projects, not creations made for TV only, but rather custom creations designed to sustain aquatic life.
Have the Fish Tank Kings built and installed an aquarium that is “first of its kind”?
Yes! One of our most famous installations is in Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins Ballpark. No other custom aquarium company has designed and installed a custom aquarium in a Major League Ballpark’s actual “field of play”.
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