Aquariums Filtration Overview

How It Works

Our state-of-the-art aquarium life support systems (LSS) create a healthy and stable environment for marine life.

Living Color Aquariums’ filtration systems are both dependable and quiet in order to provide maximum enjoyment with minimal fuss.

Our experienced Life Support System Design Team takes pride in creating effective, efficient, user-friendly filtration designs.

Think of an aquarium life support system as the circulatory and respiratory system for your aquarium. The Marine life inside of an acrylic aquarium must have its life artificially supported by extremely detailed aquarium design. This is a prime example of how engineering and art must intermingle in the development of a successful and beautiful aquarium. Behind the scenes of every custom aquarium exists a complex design of high-tech equipment, including pumps, filters, and monitors that help maintain the delicate balance of biological, mechanical and chemical filtration systems in the aquarium. Many of our smaller aquarium filtration systems are self-contained below the aquarium and utilize our robust Clear Choice Wet-Dry Filters. However, for aquariums over 350 gallons, the aquarium life support systems should be located remotely within your facility or residence. The size of the life support system is based on the volume and complexity of your particular aquarium application. Our installation team travels the world and ensures that your Living Color Aquariums’ life support system is installed to our precise standards, and ready for you to enjoy for years to come. Our unique, awe-inspiring custom aquarium systems have been installed internationally by our team of experts for over 25 years.


At Living Color Aquariums, we design each Life Support System (LSS) to specifically meet the needs of the individual aquarium it is being produced for.