Can an aquarium save your life?

The short answer, yes. If you are ever just strolling around and happen to see a aquarium take a minute to stop and marvel in its beauty, it could save your life. New research is starting to emerge showing that aquariums are more than just something pretty to look at, they actually offer significant health benefits to anyone who spends a few minutes looking at them.

One of the studies that was conducted by the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter showed that aquariums (even those without fish in them) had positive effects on all of the candidates in the study. The effects included reduced heart rates, reduced blood pressure and even mood altering powers.   Another astonishing result that was found by the research teams was when more fish were introduced into the aquarium the effects were enhanced in all of the candidates. These amazing benefits can be used in a wide variety of applications and not only bring happiness to us all but keep us healthy at the same time.

Businesses can also benefit from these effects by creating a workplace environment that reduces stress for their employees and potential clients. It also offers a phenomenal conversation piece for guests, is the pinnacle of furnishings, and leaves a lasting impression on any one who visits their place of business.

What the study is really saying is get a aquarium in your life then take a minute and enjoy natures incredible beauty.

Author: Living Color Team

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