Exhibition Design for Exhibition Booths Gets More Attention from Audiences

Exhibition Design for Exhibition Booths Gets More Attention from Audiences

How to be the most popular exhibition booth! Everyone wants to have the most popular booth at an exposition, who wouldn’t?  We will reveal some of the secrets to a success and popular booth, not in any specific order.

  1. Know your target audience and focus your concept to meet their needs and wants.
  2.  Location of the booth is very important. The booth should be placed in a high traffic area. This may be difficult to do, but try your best. This allows the most number of people to stop and analyze your products.
  3.  Maximize the size of the booth as much as possible. Increase the booth height to as high as reasonably possible. This will make your booth stand out above your competitors and get potential customers’ attention from across the room.
  4.  Place the lights on the items you want to emphasize. For example, you want a custom aquarium to get as much attention as possible, so you would aim the lights directly on it.
  5.  The booth theme should be attractive and connect all the items together. For example, Living Color Aquariums’ booth would have pictures of their custom aquariums, various aquarium lighting systems, and other various aquarium related items.
  6.  Interactive technology is a great way to get adults and kids interested in your products. As most parents know, once the kids are interested, the parents may soon follow.
  7.  Have a place for potential customers to sit and relax. While they are relaxing they may glance at your booth and stimulate their curiosity.
  8.  Material placement is a key. Make sure the important material is above the waist level and any texts must be at least 1-inch tall. You want people to see it, correct? Remember the old saying, more is not always best, it is just more. If the potential customer is overwhelmed, they will not spend much time analyzing your product. Also, more pictures than words. Remember pictures say a thousand words.
  9.  Your attitude. If you have a bad attitude or wish you were not there, your potential customer will notice and possibly seek out your competitor instead. Positive attitude and smile!

Hope this helps. See you at the next expo!  Living Color Aquariums we will be at the booth surrounded by everyone.

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