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Living Color is known worldwide for handcrafting the finest custom residential aquariums on the planet. We provide clients with a level of quality, craftsmanship and elegance that few others can achieve.



We take great pride in on our ability to provide our clients with unlimited options when adding a aquarium to their home. From seamlessly integrating an aquarium into a living space, to aquariums that are the primary focal point of the room, we work with your design team to ensure your vision is executed flawlessly.



Unlike other custom aquarium manufacturers, we invest the time to throughly discuss and understand every clients vision, requirements, and expectations from day one. This investment allows us to explore several key areas of the project that are critical to the success, longevity, and health of the aquarium. It also ensures that we provide our clients with a superior product that they can trust and exceeds their expectations.
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Your design will be sent to our automated computer to numerically measure and configure schematics for the most precise sizing and acrylic design. From there we will select the finest acrylic, sealants and solvents to construct your tank. Some of our more creative designs include 3D rednerings for concept and development. All of our aquariums have museum grade seams. Just like building a house—it all begins with a solid foundation. Secure walls and a firm foundation designed to withhold any amount of interior or exterior pressure will give you the confidence needed to envision a secure and spectacular final display.


Acrylic gives us the highest degree of design flexibility. We can bend, mold and shape your aquarium any way you see fit. Our commercial projects range in size and scope, with specific themes, to massive arches — serving as entrée ways into some of the world’s finest establishments. A well designed aquarium adds warmth, natural beauty and entertainment to institutional settings and brings brightness into darker areas. An aquarium can be used to provide a sence of calm, particularly important in medical environments. Aquariums can be used to draw people into a space such as a lobby or entrée way. Commercial clients love using aquariums to divide a space and to assist in improving traffic flow of a room.


Once the design process is complete, our fabrication process begins. Our Aquarium fabrication and team casts your corals, then hand sculpts and paints your custom synthetic reefs, then builds and finishes your cabinetry to create your own unique work of art. We use a museum-grade bonding process. The flow of our production is carefully timed to ensure fast delivery without compromising quality and flawless attention to detail. As a final step, your aquarium will be machine-polished to further ensure spectacular shine and a crystal clear view.

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