Top 10 Most Colorful Freshwater Fish

There are many ways to brighten up your freshwater fish tank aquarium and your day by simply adding living color, colorful freshwater fish that is.    Yes, it is true; some freshwater fish can rival even the most colorful and beautiful saltwater fish in aesthetics. Freshwater aquarium fish can be beautiful and colorful; with our help you can discover which ones will beautify your fish tank. 1. Male Betta The popular Betta fish is renowned for its large fins which come in [...]


Florida Luxury Home Features Custom Fish Aquarium Living Color Aquarium

One of America’s priciest listings in Hillsboro Beach, Florida is on the market for $159 million! Modeled after the Palace of Versailles in France, the Le Palais Royal initially came on the market in September of 2014 for $139 and was delisted a year later. The owner decided to take the main house off of the market until it was closer to completion. The property took nearly seven years to design and build and was created with the goal of [...]


Living Color Aquariums Attends Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conference

Last week Living Color Aquariums was given the opportunity to make an appearance at the 2015 Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This annual 5-day conference featured keynote speakers, poster presentations, social events and more.  We were lucky enough to have booth space at this event to show off our wonderful team members and products to hundreds of people that visited the event. If you missed us at the event or plan on being in [...]


Licence Free Fishing Days Set For Florida’s Summer Months

Did you know that in order to go fishing in saltwater or freshwater areas in Florida a licence is required? Regardless if you are a resident or non-resident of the state of Florida, you must obtain a license to fish in the waters. Because of this, licence-free fishing is something many people look forward to during the summer months in Florida. Florida Governor, Rick Scott, has announced the licence-free freshwater and saltwater fishing days for 2015. Licence-free freshwater fishing: Second Saturday & [...]


Koi Fish: Japanese Fish Popular Addition to Your Fish Tank Aquarium

Koi fish, Japan’s symbol for good luck, are valued all over the world. These fish are peaceful and elegant creatures that many people collect and breed to compete for championship titles. Like show dogs, Koi fish shows are taken very seriously. Koi fish that come from a championship bloodline are extremely valuable and can sell for as high as $10,000 per fish! This past weekend the Grand Championship for Koi fish located in Austrailia, brought hundreds of competitors from many [...]


Official Lionfish Removal Awareness Day

The Florida House of Representatives has designated May 16, 2015 as the start of “Lionfish Removal & Awareness Day”. Through education and research, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will encourage extra effort from the public to remove Lionfish from Florida waters. With our headquarters being located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this is a cause that is very important to us. Lionfish are invasive, nonnative species that have proven to have a negative impact on Florida’s native wildlife [...]