Health Benefits

Can an aquarium save your life?

The short answer, yes. If you are ever just strolling around and happen to see a aquarium take a minute to stop and marvel in its beauty, it could save your life. New research is starting to emerge showing that aquariums are more than just something pretty to look at, they actually offer significant health benefits to anyone who spends a few minutes looking at them. One of the studies that was conducted by the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University [...]


Fish Tank Aquarium Health Benefits: Can Lower Blood Pressure & Heart Rate

Ever wonder why there are fish tanks in dentists offices, doctors offices and other high stress environments? It was said to be that fish tanks can help calm our bodies during stressful times, and recently we have found this information to be true! According to a new study (the first investigation of its kind), experts from the National Marine Aquarium, assessed people’s physical and mental responses to tanks containing varying levels of fish. The higher the number of fish and [...]