Fish Tank Design

What is a Cannula Tank Aquarium?

Living Color Aquariums has built many types of custom tank aquariums in its near 30 years of heritage as the leading international custom commercial and residential tank aquarium designer and manufacturer.  In this tradition we have built the Cannula Tank Aquarium. I came up with the name Cannula [kan-yuh-luh] to connote a cylinder or pipe shaped tank aquarium, in which the height is disproportionate to the width, in as much as the aquarium resembles a tube shape.  Of course, [...]


Living Color Aquariums | Designs & Builds Aquariums for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Rainforest Café

After an intensive project search, Living Color Aquariums was approached to design and build specialized aquariums for Disneyworld’s Animal Kingdom Rainforest Cafe in Orlando, Florida. The challenge for Living Color Aquariums was to design commercial aquariums that seamlessly integrated with the Amazon Rainforest jungle theme. However, with its vast expertise in diverse commercial aquarium projects from inception, design, fabrication, delivery to installation, Living Color Aquariums exceeded the expectations of the Rainforest Café management team. As the international leader in [...]


Living Color Aquariums Designs & Manufactures Artificial Corals Fish Tank Aquarium Decorations for the Largest Aquarium in the Southwest

Living Color Aquariums is excited to announce that we will be supplying the OdySea Aquarium with the artificial coral decorations for their exhibits. The OdySea Aquarium is scheduled to open to the public July 2016 and will be located in Scottsdale Arizona, it is poised to be the largest aquarium in the Southwest. OdySea will top out at 200,000 square feet and feature a 2 level aquarium that holds a massive 2 million gallons of water and home to [...]


Fish Tank Aquarium Integration

Out with the old and in with the age of integrated residential aquariums. Aquariums have come a long way over the past decade, they are no longer a clunky piece of furniture that you remember from the 90’s standing awkwardly in a corner. They have become part of the architects and designers toolbox, and allow them new and unique ways of seamlessly integrating aquariums into living environments and common areas. One fantastic example of modern aquarium integration is pictured in this [...]