Beautiful Fish Tank Aquariums & Custom Fish Aquariums For Sale

Beautiful Fish Tank Aquariums & Custom Fish Aquariums For Sale

Fish tank aquariums & custom fish aquariums are for sale that meet your individual needs. We will compare glass aquariums versus acrylic aquariums to assist you in making a well-informed decision.

One of the first decisions is to determine the size and shape of the aquarium. The size and shape will determine whether you get a glass or acrylic aquarium.  Glass aquarium start at 10 gallons and goes up to 300 gallons with limited shapes.  These shapes are rectangles, hexagons, bow fronts, and cubes.  However, not all shapes are available for all sizes of aquariums.  Such as, a 27 gallon aquarium is only available in a cube/square, a 125 gallon aquarium is only available in a rectangle.

Unlike glass aquariums, acrylic aquariums have no size limits and no shape limits. Even though the acrylic is thinner than glass, it is stronger and able to hold more weight so size is unlimited.  The shapes are also unlimited due to the acrylic’s flexibility to bend and mold.  Acrylic is great for creating a uniquely sized and shaped aquarium.

Now that you have decided on the shape and size, the next important decision is what livestock will work your aquarium. The type and quantity of fish determines the type of life support system (LSS) (filtration) you will need.  There are three types of filtration-over-the-back, canister, and wet/dry.  Contact a Living Color Aquariums trained professional to determine which filtration system best fits your needs.

What is the difference in the clarity between the two? Glass aquariums have a different refractive light index than the natural sun light causing the light to pass through the glass and water, bouncing off the fish, and then passes back through the water and glass again.  Due to the light bending numerous times, a distortion occurs.  However, an acrylic aquarium has the same refractive light index as the natural sun light and only bends once when it reflects off the water, resulting in crisper and brighter colors.

How difficult is it to scratch a glass aquarium versus an acrylic aquarium? Glass and acrylic are both easy to scratch and scratches usually occurs during cleaning when the sand and/or gravel is dragged across the glass or acrylic.  The benefit of acrylic, unlike glass, the scratches on the inside and outside of the acrylic may be easily repaired with an acrylic polishing kit.

Regarding breaking/cracking, glass breaks/cracks much easier than acrylic. To break/crack acrylic, a much greater force is needed and then you may only leave a mark or scratch instead of a break/crack.  The acrylic is more durable than glass.

You are probably asking the question, is glass heavier than acrylic? Yes, glass is approximately 4-10 times heavier than acrylic, depending on the size.  However, as previously mentioned, even though acrylic is thinner and weighs less, it is much stronger than glass; thus, the reason why aquariums over 300 gallons are made from acrylic.

Speaking of aquariums over 300 gallons, sometimes referred to as a custom aquarium, custom aquariums are made from acrylic with the proper LSS and are NOT limited by size and shape. The aquarium is made to the customer’s desires/wants.  For example, Living Color Aquariums built the custom aquariums in the Rainforest Café.

Now, let us discuss how Living Color Aquariums may make your custom aquarium! Living Color Aquariums specializes in building custom aquariums to meet the customer’s desires and/or needs. In addition to building the aquarium to any size and shape, they will also custom design the LSS; inserts; install the proper lighting; heater/chiller if needed; and automatic top-off system. The Living Color Aquariums trained professionals will even install the aquarium and depending on your location, perform routine maintenance on your gorgeous new aquarium. Why wait? Contact Living Color Aquariums now to get started on your unique aquarium that everyone will be talking about for long time!

Author: Tessy Weigold

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