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Living Color Aquariums | Leader in Hotel Commercial Aquariums Race

Living Color Aquariums was recognized again by the media.   Sun Sentinel recognized Living Color Aquariums' diverse and prestigious commercial aquarium projects, in the article titled, "South Florida hotels dive into mega aquariums."       Also, Living Color Aquariums is the recognized international leader in diverse custom aquarium design and fabrication; thus, was approached by [...]

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Living Color Aquariums | PB Catch Tank Aquarium

In addition to designing and manufacturing some of the biggest and renowned custom commercial aquariums at SeaWorld and Disney theme parks as well as among other worldwide venues, Living Color Aquariums was asked by PB Catch, a sophisticated eatery in Palm Beach, Florida to build a custom aquarium.   The aquarium includes hand-crafted corals fabricated [...]

Living Color Aquariums | Scheels All Sports Tank Aquarium

Living Color Aquariums has a strong heritage in custom commercial aquariums.  We have worked on many complex commercial tank aquarium projects,  Scheels All Sports Tank Aquarium being one of them. The beautiful double-arched aquarium is supported by three cylindrical columns, looking at it, one can appreciate a slight resemblance to the ancient Roman aqueducts.  Each aquarium [...]

Living Color Aquariums | Designs & Builds Tank Aquarium for The Cowfish Restaurant Universal Studios

Universal Studios was impressed with Living Color Aquariums and our top notch commercial aquarium projects all over the world.  So, they approached us to design and build a themed tank aquarium for the The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Here is what Universal Studios had to say about Living Color Aquariums: [...]

Living Color Aquariums | Designs & Builds Aquarium for Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Moon Bar

Living Color Aquariums hallmark international commercial aquariums project, the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Moon Bar in Nassau Paradise Island, Bahamas is another proud moment in its heritage.  The Moon Bar lounge is one of the most glamorous spots in the entire Atlantis resort.  Living Color Aquariums was approached by Atlantis and interior designer Jeffrey Beers [...]

What is a Cannula Tank Aquarium?

Living Color Aquariums has built many types of custom tank aquariums in its near 30 years of heritage as the leading international custom commercial and residential tank aquarium designer and manufacturer.  In this tradition we have built the Cannula Tank Aquarium. I came up with the name Cannula [kan-yuh-luh] to connote a cylinder or pipe [...]

Living Color Aquariums | Designs & Builds Aquariums for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Rainforest Café

After an intensive project search, Living Color Aquariums was approached to design and build specialized aquariums for Disneyworld’s Animal Kingdom Rainforest Cafe in Orlando, Florida. The challenge for Living Color Aquariums was to design commercial aquariums that seamlessly integrated with the Amazon Rainforest jungle theme. However, with its vast expertise in diverse commercial aquarium projects [...]

Top 10 Most Colorful Freshwater Fish

There are many ways to brighten up your freshwater fish tank aquarium and your day by simply adding living color, colorful freshwater fish that is.    Yes, it is true; some freshwater fish can rival even the most colorful and beautiful saltwater fish in aesthetics. Freshwater aquarium fish can be beautiful and colorful; with our help [...]

How to Clean a Saltwater Fish Tank Aquarium Infographic

Link to: How to Clean a Saltwater Fish Tank Aquarium Infographic ---> https://www.livingcolor.com/how-to-clean-a-saltwater-fish-tank-aquarium-infographic/

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