Atlantis Casino Gets Another Living Color Aquarium Masterpiece

Atlantis Casino Gets Another Living Color Aquarium Masterpiece

Staying dedicated to its theme the Atlantis Casino, located on Paradise Island just a short ride from Grand Bahama, surrounds you with the beauty of the ocean and the magnificent creatures that call it home. Their expansive collection of marine aquariums are everywhere on the property, from the incredible water slide that takes you through a shark tank, to massive curved aquariums that line the walls of the casino floor. To immerse you even deeper into the ocean experience they went back to the Team at Living Color Aquariums who originally provided the aquariums for the hotel and requested another jaw dropping aquarium experience for their high roller casino.

Just like previous aquariums for Atlantis, the significant size of the project came with its own set of unique challenges (like building then transporting the leviathan across the ocean to its final home). This type of project required craftsmen that were very familiar with large scale aquarium projects such as this one. The artisans of acrylic at Living Color were yet again the perfect candidates, they gladly took on the challenge of fabricating a giant 1900 gallon arched acrylic masterpiece that will grace the casino walls. The aquarium will be the latest addition to the casino floor and offer patrons another amazing portal into the beauty of the aquariums of Atlantis.

The project is scheduled for completion by March 2016. Living Color will be sharing photos of the amazing journey of the aquarium to their website and through social media. You can follow Living Color on Facebook or on Twitter @livingcoloraqua. You can also visit them online at

Author: Living Color Team

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