Artificial Corals

Our Process

Our corals are so realistic because we use actual corals as our subjects. The process starts by hand sculpting our corals out of clay and paying attention to every detail, we then create a mold from that sculpture and allow the mold to dry.

Next we move into the casting phase. This is where we tint/color the corals to your specific color palette and begin the process of pouring the tinted marine safe urethane into the pre-cast molds.

This is the teadious part, we then hand mill all of the over burden off of every piece that comes out of the molds. This not only gives you a gorgeous product but it also allows us to carefully inspect every piece for flaws or defects.

Coral Room

Our dedicated coral room is where the entire process of creating amazing artificial corals happens. This room provides us with an optimal environment to cast corals and specifically designed to handle epic sized coral orders.

Handcrafted Corals

Their beauty and unmatched realistic appearance define Living Color artificial corals and coral reef inserts from any other in the industry. For more information about our custom artificial corals, contact one of our sales executives to discuss your ideas.