Corals & Reefs

We can bring any of your artificial reef and coral dreams to life. What seperates Living Color for other manufacturers? All of our Artificial Corals and Artificial Reef Inserts are handcrafted and carefully engineered to be marine safe and withstand the harsh rigors of saltwater environments. They also provide aquariums with long lasting color, easy maintenance, and incredible beauty.

Handcrafted Corals

We focus on quality, which is why our artisans handcraft every artificial coral. By handcrafting every coral, allows us to preserve all of the realistic details that make your aquarium look incredible. We can even customize any of our corals to fit your specific color palette.

Artificial Reef Inserts

From gigantic natural reef replicas to lost underwater cities, no idea is to big or to bold. Our team of highly skilled artisans and engineers can create the perfect custom artificial reef that takes your aquarium to the next level.

Why Choose Us?


In order to create corals and reefs that replicate nature, we hand, cast, drill, inspect, and test every piece we create.


What makes our corals and reefs better than others? Quality. We take the time to research and engineer products that are not only beautiful but built to last.


We meticiously create our artificial corals and reefs to replicate what you would find throughout the worlds reefs.
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