Design Process

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Using our state-of-the-art graphics application software, we develop an elaborate and detailed 3-D computer generated rendering of your project. It will include every detail of your future custom aquarium, including design, structure, reefs, marine life and even our individually designed aquarium life support system. This life-like representation of your future custom aquarium will allow you to truly understand what it will look like upon
completion, and therefore work with us to make any further changes or adjustments. After approving your Living Color custom aquarium in picture form, a scale model is built and presented for your review. The scale model is an accurate representation of how your aquarium will be laid out and shows the relative size, shape and positioning of the submerged decorations and coral placement in relation to the actual aquarium.

Our Process


Prior to starting a project our team meets with you to better understand your vision and project requirements.


Once the concept phase has been completed our team begins the task of engineering your project.


After reviewing the engineering plans and approvals have been submitted, we begin crafting your vision.

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