Fish Tank Aquarium Integration

Out with the old and in with the age of integrated residential aquariums. Aquariums have come a long way over the past decade, they are no longer a clunky piece of furniture that you remember from the 90’s standing awkwardly in a corner. They have become part of the architects and designers toolbox, and allow them new and unique ways of seamlessly integrating aquariums into living environments and common areas. One fantastic example of modern aquarium integration is pictured in this post image. This quintessential Florida home, designed by DSDG Architects, features a custom built Living Color aquarium that is elegantly integrated into the home, and creates a dramatic focal point on the wood cladded wall. Aside from being asthetically pleasing, the aquarium also serves as a functional room divider that joins the master bathroom to the main living space. The aquarium also allows light to pour into the bathroom to create a bright elegant space with the added benefit of a magnificent view of your own personal ocean.

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Author: Living Color Team

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