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Who We Are

Living Color Aquariums, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is renowned for creating iconic, award-winning custom aquariums and themed exhibits. Recognized for creating aquariums that are stunningly elaborate works of art, Living Color Aquariums designs and builds custom aquarium exhibits for high-profile clients like Disney, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins Ballpark, Loews Hotels, Rainforest Café, Bass Pro Shops, Nordstrom, as well as many distinguished celebrities and professional sports athletes. With over 25 years of experience, no other aquarium manufacturing facility in the world has the turnkey capabilities to execute complex, customized projects like Living Color Aquariums. Living Color Aquariums is also currently featured on the smash-hit reality series Fish Tank Kings, airing on the TV network Nat Geo WILD.

The team members of Living Color Aquariums star in the hit cable TV series Fish Tank Kings and is broadcast in the USA by Nat Geo WILD and worldwide by National Geographic Channel International. Fish Tank Kings is one of the only internationally distributed shows filmed primarily in South Florida where the actors also live and work in South Florida. The series showcases Living Color Aquariums, as it uses its unparalleled skills, creativity and teamwork to pull off the most extreme custom aquariums imaginable.


Living Color Aquariums
1. 25 years of experience
2. On-site manufacturing facility
3. Professional craftsmen and installers
4. Turnkey manufacturing and development
5. Dedicated leadership and staff
6. Diverse and flexible team of professionals