Our Facility

A place where amazing custom aquariums are created.

Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Living Color Aquariums is world-renowned for designing and manufacturing iconic acrylic custom aquariums, water features, acrylic art, and themed exhibits.

Custom Aquariums

Our primary mission is to create epic aquatic experiences that inspire and captivate onlookers, all while adhering to a proven philosophy that puts its main focus on providing a healthy and safe environment for all of the inhabitants. Over our long history we have crafted a wide range of custom acrylic aquariums, water features, touch tanks, themed exhibits, and even acrylic swimming pools!

If you want to see some of our incredible works check out our gallery for some of the beautiful masterpieces we’ve created for other clients. Our showroom features three acrylic saltwater custom aquariums, two acrylic live reef aquariums, one acrylic freshwater custom aquariums and a gorgeous water feature. Our cutting-edge, 43,000 square foot facility located in Fort Lauderdale, FL is the largest and most advanced in the industry.

This allows us not only to produce the most elaborate and unique custom aquariums, but also it enables us to accommodate the design and fabrication of several large scale projects simultaneously. With over 25 years of experience, no other aquarium manufacturing facility in the world has the turnkey capabilities need to execute massive projects like Living Color Aquariums.


Be sure to check out our fantastic state-of-the-art showroom online or in person. You will find some of the finest seascapes and marine exhibits that feature live and artificial coral reefs, freshwater plants and a colorful variety of saltwater and freshwater fish.


Durability, fine craftsmanship and turnkey manufacturing make Living Color Aquariums your best option when it comes to creating stunning, environmentally safe, functional and sustainable aquatic products.


Our artisans handcraft realistic aquatic environments using precision tools, quality materials and superb design skills. Choose your theme, colors scheme and custom components carefully to always ensure the masterpiece created is all your own.