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About Living Color

Headquartered in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, Living Color is world-renowned for designing and manufacturing iconic custom acrylic aquariums, water features, acrylic art, and themed exhibits. Our primary mission is to create epic aquatic experiences that inspire and captivate onlookers, all while adhering to a proven philosophy that puts its main focus on providing a
healthy and safe environment for all of the inhabitants. Over our long history we have crafted a wide range of custom acrylic aquariums, water features, touch tanks, themed exhibits, and even acrylic swimming pools! If you want to see some of our incredible works check out our gallery for some of the beautiful masterpieces we’ve created for other clients.

The Living Color Team

Our team of talented acrylic artisans are committed to creating the most innovative aquatic exhibits on earth. Our team is made up of highly skilled, dedicated individuals who rely on experience, ingenuity and technical expertise to create stunning and functional works of art.
Jose Blanco Living Color Aquariums Operations Director
Jose Blanco
Operations Director
Ben Alia Living Color Aquariums Project Director
Ben Alia
Project Director
Keith Warren Living Color Aquariums Lead Engineer
Keith Warren
Lead Engineer
Jared Kavolchyck Living Color Aquariums Sales Executive
Jared Kavolchyck
Sales Executive

Why Choose Us?


We constantly search for new opportunities to create aquariums that will expand our abilities. We challenge ourselves and our clients to consider whatever is possible.


We combine classic techniques with state of the art technologies in order to provide our clients with the finest quality aquatics products in the world.

Turn Key

Unlike other manufacturers, we provide our clients with turnkey solutions that are entirely designed, built and tested inside our factory.
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