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Another amazing project for Rainforest Cafe’s Saw Grass Mills Mall location.

 On the heels of Living Color’s successful Rain Forest Cafe aquariums at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we recently completed another amazing project for their Saw Grass Mills Mall location.

Using the original 15 year old inserts as a base structure, our team of artists completely renovated  the old reef inserts. The large aquariums and inserts could not be moved and the restaurant had to remain open for business.  To address this challenge, our team worked all night long for several weeks to complete the project.

We encapsulated the old fiberglass inserts with Living Color’s proprietary epoxy blend to create the amazing new custom coral reefs. We then attached hundreds of our revolutionary new 2-tone corals to complete this brightly colored whimsical project.

Three  aquariums holds 4,000 gallons of water each and two smaller tanks total 1000 gallons.  An acrylic bridge connects two large cylinder aquariums and thrills visitors as they walk below.

Theme parks have relied on us to produce award winning immersive environments for over 20 years. Please visit the Themed Environment section of our website for more information.

Custom Coral Insert Custom Coral Insert
Custom Coral Insert Custom Coral Insert