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Update on the Florida Marlins Aquariums

Fox News Sports recently aired video revealing  some of the sophisticated design and fabrication of the amazing aquariums that will be the most unique feature of the new  Marlin’s Stadium. The  twin Custom Saltwater Aquariums will flank either sides of home plate. These one of kind aquarium exhibits will provide baseball fans with a firsthand glimpse of the fish and coral reef ecosystems that South Florida is so famous for.

Click here to watch the video from Fox News Sports

Marlins Aquariums

The aquariums have been designed utilizing the latest, cutting-edge technology and incorporate unique features to ensure the safety and health of the many species of aquatic life that will inhabit them. The aquariums will be built to follow the low wall behind home plate and has been positioned to prevent any disruption to players on the field.  To safeguard the animals and exhibits from unexpected impacts;  Lexan- the material used in bullet proof windows, will be installed in front of the acrylic panels to protect the aquarium from foul balls, errant pitches or any other unexpected contact. 

 To preserve the fragile coral reef ecosystem and prevent the unnecessary harvesting of endangered corals, the Miami Marlins Aquariums will be decorated using Living Color’s museum-quality artificial corals and reefs. In a further measure to ensure that the aquariums are as environmentally friendly as possible, the Miami Marlins Aquariums will primarily display fishes that are raised in captivity from Florida’s many fish farms.

The advanced aquarium filtration systems that will keep the fish thriving in their new home will be a technological marvel.  Living Color is renowned for designing and building aquariums in challenging locations, and the Miami Marlins Aquariums are no exception.  The water from both aquariums will be pumped to a Life Support System Filtration room located under the bleachers over 100 feet away from one tank and more than 50 feet away from the other.  Among the equipment required to keep the fishes happy and the aquariums crystal clear are: Foam Fractionators to remove dissolved organic compounds and fish waste, Ultra-Violet Sterilizers to kill any water-borne pathogens and parasites, Micron Filters to keep the water clear and Titanium Heat Exchangers to maintain a constant temperature within the aquariums.   All told, more than 30 separate types of aquarium filtration equipment plus hundreds of feet of piping will be required to support the marine life in these extraordinary aquarium exhibits.    Additional fish-friendly features include: lines that pump food directly into to each aquarium from the filtration room,  air tight covers over the top of each aquarium to prevent any fertilizers or chemicals from entering the water, while LED lights will provide the fish with a diurnal photoperiod that replicates nature and protective covers will placed on the aquariums during non-game times.

The breathtaking Miami Marlins Aquariums will surely become a crowd favorite and be a Major League Baseball first once the new stadium is complete. As a local Florida company and supporter of the Marlins, Living Color Enterprises is truly honored to have the opportunity to work on such an important project.