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Seaworld-Discovery Cove

Living Color designed and built 90 large artificial  reef structures and over 13,000 synthetic corals for Seaworld’s exciting new Grand Reef at Discovery Cove. Using fiberglass, epoxy and urethane  our skilled team of artists worked diligently for nearly 1 year to produce the gigantic  life-like coral reef structures.  Living Color developed a unique new technology to ensure The Grand Reef’s man-made coral maintains its vibrant colors. Each coral reef structure (most weighing a ton) — is inflatable. When filled with air, the coral sections float to the surface for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The exhibit features multiple levels of exploration, from shallow waters to deeper swimming adventures and white sandy beaches, to snorkeling among canyons inspired by reefs from around the world. The Grand Reef takes Discovery Cove’s world-class animal encounters to an all new level — Visitors just need to get their feet wet to enjoy The Grand Reef, or they can choose to go deep. They can step into tranquil, shallow waters to discover a below-the-surface world teeming with sea life, or they can snorkel in deeper waters as thousands of exotic fish and graceful rays swim around them.

Living Color creates unforgettable themed exhibits for the worlds leading public aquariums, zoos and theme parks worldwide.  We are pleased to be active members of the Association of Nature Center Administrators ,the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the American Association of Museums.


Sea World Discovery Cove Sea World Discovery Cove Grand Reef
Sea World Discovery Cove Seaworld Discovery Cove Beach
Seaworld Discovery Cove Grand Reef Grand Reef
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Artificial Coral Reefs Living Color Artificial Corals
Artificial Coral Reefs1 Artificial Coral Reef Discovery Cove Grand Reef

The Grand Reef footprint: 2.5 acre area, with close to a million gallons of water

Water temperature: A comfortable 77 degrees

Animals: Approximately 10,000 animals, representing 125 different species of fish, rays and sharks

Fish :Thousands of tropical fish dart through crystal-clear waters, creating a whirlpool of color inside the reef’s grottos and crevices. Discovery Cove’s experts chose only colorful species whose natural populations are healthy and sustained. The fish include angelfish, butterflyfish, wrasses and tangs as well as larger, unusual-looking hogfish and filefish.