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Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon
Walt Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon – Shark Reef

Journey through a shimmering paradise of the sea in Walt Disney’s Water Park, Shark Reef. The essence of Living Color Enterprises is playfully portrayed through our team of researchers, marine biologists, and artisans to create a dramatic reproduction of a natural coral reef. In a Typhoon Lagoon exclusive, guests come face-to-face with colorful tropical fish and real, live sharks of the Caribbean. As guests snorkel through this water wonderland, landlubbers can be entertained as they watch the action and gaze upon a reflection of our biggest resource through the portholes of an old shipwreck.

Living Color created textured fiberglass panels themed to look like coral stone and encrusted them with thousands of our life-like flexible artificial corals.  This massive project showcases our ability to create detailed themed environments on any scale.