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Creating the world’s finest custom aquariums and themed environments
Allfish Emporium
Experience another Living Color creation at Allfish Emporium located in Tamarac, Florida. Enter The Deep through two fiberglass & acrylic 20′ L x 4′ D x 5′ H Bow Front custom aquariums containing 2,700 gallons of water each. Both fresh and saltwater custom aquariums contain breathtaking marine exhibits and numerous fish species
At the end of the tunnel lies a 12′ diameter x 6′ tall shark tank with a water volume of nearly 5,000 gallons. The Custom Coral reef exhibits and lurking predators create an attractive and exhilarating experience to captivate all who “Enter The Deep”.  Living Color also created the store’s custom waterfall and ponds as well as the life support systems for the hundreds of display and holding tanks within the facility.