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Sneak peak at the aquariums in the new Miami Marlins stadium!

Just over a month before the first exhibition games are played, Marlins Park is taking the pivotal step from building to ball field and the work on the aquariums at the new Miami Marlins stadium is nearing completion.

The bullet proof polycarbonate to safeguard the animals and aquariums from unexpected impacts has been installed and tested. Balls have been hurdled at the aquarium at close range by Marlin’s team members and pitching machine without leaving a mark! The  museum-quality artificial corals and reefs are in place and closely match the Marlins new colours. Both aquariums have been filled with water and the advanced Life Support System located under the bleachers over 100 feet away have been thoroughly tested.

The breathtaking Miami Marlins Aquariums will surely become a crowd favorite and be a Major League Baseball first. As a local Florida company and supporter of the Marlins, Living Color Enterprises is truly honored to have the opportunity to work on such an important project.

Click here to see a video Sneak peak at the new Marlins Ballpark Aquariums



Miami Marlins Aquariums by Living Color Miami Marlins Aquarium by Living Color Miami Marlins Aquariums by Living Color