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Catch the New Episode of Fish Tank Kings this Saturday, May 26th @ 10pm on Nat Geo WILD!

May 23rd 2012
Get ready for another awesome New Episode of Fish Tank Kings! This week we build an exhibit to rescue a sick octopus at the Tennessee Aquarium and build a tank for an Indy Car Racing Champ Ryan Hunter-Reay! Catch the New Episode of Fish Tank Kings this Saturday, May 26th  @ 10pm on Nat Geo WILD! Click to see video    (more...)

Fish Tank Kings Next Episode airing Sat June 22 @9pm on Nat Geo WILD!

May 18th 2012
The next exciting  of Fish Tank Kings airs on Saturday May 19th at 10pm on Nat Geo WILD! Episode 2 brings you a pair   of awesome projects. First, Mat goes on an expedition to the Caribbean to collect rare Deep Water Fish in a Submarine! While the guys rush to complete a 3000 gallon Shark Tank! We hope you enjoy the show and please tell all your aquarium loving friends to watch too!    (more...)

Fish Tank Kings Season 2 Episode 1 “The Amazing Aqua Van” on Nat Geo WILD

April 18th 2012
Nat Geo WILD’s new six-episode series Fish Tank Kings, premiering Saturday, May 12, at 10 PM ET/PT, dives into the demanding, pressure-filled job of pulling off these massive underwater creations.  Fish Tank Kings follows the Florida-based aquarium specialists at Living Color as they use their unparalleled skills, creativity and teamwork to pull off the most extreme of these tanks, where the drama and pressure of the building process is nowhere as serene as the final product. Fish Tank Kings boasts a cast of thousands of fish — from the giant Paci   (more...)

Curve Appeal: A 2000 Gallon Crescent Aquarium

February 17th 2012
Curve Appeal: A 2000 Gallon Crescent Aquarium Check out this great article about one of our awesome recent projects published by Advanced Aquarium Magazine Living Color Aquariums has built the 'anti-bow-front' aquarium ... and a HUGE one at that. This astounding 2,000 gallon aquarium features an unique concave acrylic front face providing an immersive field of view for any marine fish lover to gaze at all day long... Read the whole story at Advanced Aquarium Magazine    (more...)

Sneak peak at the aquariums in the new Miami Marlins stadium!

February 3rd 2012
Just over a month before the first exhibition games are played, Marlins Park is taking the pivotal step from building to ball field and the work on the aquariums at the new Miami Marlins stadium is nearing completion. The bullet proof polycarbonate to safeguard the animals and aquariums from unexpected impacts has been installed and tested. Balls have been hurdled at the aquarium at close range by Marlin’s team members and pitching machine without leaving a mark! The  museum-quality artificial corals and reefs are in place and closely match the Marli   (more...)

Another amazing project for Rainforest Cafe’s Saw Grass Mills Mall location.

December 15th 2011
 On the heels of Living Color’s successful Rain Forest Cafe aquariums at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we recently completed another amazing project for their Saw Grass Mills Mall location. Using the original 15 year old inserts as a base structure, our team of artists completely renovated  the old reef inserts. The large aquariums and inserts could not be moved and the restaurant had to remain open for business.  To address this challenge, our team worked all night long for several weeks to complete the project. We encapsulated the old fiberglass ins   (more...)

2000 Gallon Semi Circular Aquarium!

December 8th 2011
This dramatic 2000 gallon (192″L x 54″W x 48″H)  semi circular aquarium  sits on the floor so that the wheelchair bound owner can enjoy her fish at eye level.   The seamless  curved aquarium was thermo-formed in our giant acrylic oven and set into an FRP frame.  Our museum-quality artificial reefs conceal the aquarium plumbing and provide a realistic environment. Windows in the floor above the aquarium allow the owner to view and feed the tank from above.    Living Color is  recognized worldwide for creating custom aquariums to satisfy the most discer   (more...)

Hybrid reef tank will revolutionizes the way large live reef aquariums are built!

December 8th 2011
This  jaw dropping 650 gallon ( 96″L x 36″W x 42″Hlive coral reef aquarium  utilizes our museum-quality artificial reef as the main structure. Our artificial reefs are so lifelike that you cannot tell which rock pieces are artificial and what is real! The fabricated  structure allows you to create reef shapes impossible with conventional live rock.  The hybrid fabricated/natural live rock reef tank will revolutionize the way large reef aquariums are built. Live corals and invertebrates thrive on award-winning artificial reefs. )For a clean look there    (more...)

Update on the Florida Marlins Aquariums

September 20th 2011
Fox News Sports recently aired video revealing  some of the sophisticated design and fabrication of the amazing aquariums that will be the most unique feature of the new  Marlin’s Stadium. The  twin Custom Saltwater Aquariums will flank either sides of home plate. These one of kind aquarium exhibits will provide baseball fans with a firsthand glimpse of the fish and coral reef ecosystems that South Florida is so famous for. Click here to watch the video from Fox News Sports The aquariums have been designed utilizing the latest, cutting-edge techn   (more...)

Living Color is pleased to announce our participation in the Southeastern Reef Conference

June 28th 2011
Living Color  is pleased to announce our participation in the Southeastern Reef Conference  (SRC 2011). This is the biggest reef related conference event in the Southeast! It will be held on July 9th, 2011 at the Orlando Lake Mary Marriott, which is located East of beautiful downtown Orlando. Join us for a day of live presentations by some of today’s widely known, well-respected reef aquarium experts in the South-East. Our panel of speakers will be discussing the latest information and research on marine aquarium fish, corals and invertebrates – pra   (more...)