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With high-profile clients such as Disney, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios, we have developed an unmatched reputation in the creation of elaborate and creative themed exhibits. Living Color Aquariums creates museum quality themed exhibits for both commercial and residential clients around the world. No matter what scale, theme or aesthetic goal, our creations exceed even the most creative of imaginations.

Whether creating a new exhibit, renovating or expanding, Living Color Aquariums creates award winning, museum-quality themed exhibits to your specifications. Our experienced team of artisans build amazing, immersive, and detailed exhibits that defy reality. Limited only by your imagination, our team has completed unforgettable themed exhibits for major amusement parks, public aquariums, zoos, restaurants, hotels, resorts and malls around the world.

The results of our work can be seen in our extensive portfolio of iconic projects worldwide. Take a moment to learn about some of our favorite themed exhibits.

Please review a gallery of our themed exhibits below.

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