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Filtration Systems

Our state-of-the-art Aquarium Life Support Systems (LSS) create a healthy and stable environment for marine life.  Living Color’s filtration systems are quiet and dependable to provide maximum enjoyment with minimal fuss. Our experienced Life Support System Design Team takes pride in creating effective, efficient, user-friendly filtration designs. Our installation team travels the world and ensures that your Living Color Aquarium is installed to our exacting standards and ready for you to enjoy for years to come.  Our unique, awe inspiring custom aquarium systems have been installed internationally by our team of experts for over 20 years.
Many of our smaller aquarium filtration systems are self-contained below the aquarium and utilize our robust Clear Choice Wet-Dry Filters. However, for aquariums over 350 gallons, the aquarium filtration systems should be located remotely within your facility or residence. The size of the filtration system is based on the volume and complexity of your particular aquarium application.
LSS Selfcontained
A typical 350 gallon Self Contained LSS with chiller
LSS Selfcontained
A typical 350 gallon Self Contained LSS with chiller

Aquarium Life Support Systems

A large commercial aquarium Life Support System


Commercial Aquarium Filtration

Aquarium filtration for a large aquarium

Recently Completed LSS Designs and Systems
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Nais Aquarium LSS
LSS Design Fundamentals
All re-circulated aquarium life support systems require biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. Protein skimming is considered essential for all saltwater applications. The design may include our self-contained Clear Choice Wet-Dry Filter for aquariums under 350 gallons, or a remote filtration system for larger aquariums. A typical remote aquarium life support system will utilize an open system and often include a closed system to provide additional water circulation. Most remote LSS will also require a chiller and heater to control water temperature within the aquarium.
LSS DesignsA) Open System Design
• Turn over through the open system should be approximately four times per hour. Therefore, the pump should be rated for this turn over at the given head loss for the aquarium application.
• The system requires an atmospheric reservoir of approximately 10% the volume of the main aquarium (the more volume available, the better). Within the open reservoir pre-filtration, typically micron polyester bag filters are used.
• On marine systems, an open system includes a protein skimmer rated for the volume and load of the aquarium in question. The skimmer should have the capacity to handle at least 100% of the volume of the aquarium once per hour.
• The open system typically utilizes a fluidized bed filter and/or a bio/de-gassing tower with a sufficient quantity of bio-balls for gaseous exchange and biological oxidation/reduction.
B) Closed System Design
• Turn over through the closed system is approximately 4 times per hour
• The closed system provides additional circulation.
• Additional mechanical filtration is achieved using a canister filter or other high capacity mechanical filter.
• Additional chemical filtration is provided by a carbon canister filter.
• A side stream is directed to the aquarium chilling system to maintain a constant temperature.
• Water from the closed system may be used to supply an Ultra-Violet Sterilizer for additional filtration.
Our professional installation team has years of experience installing thousands of aquariums around the world from New York, Los Angeles and Chicago to Tokyo, Dubai, London and everywhere in between. From a 150-gallon custom home aquarium to a 150,000+ gallon shark tank, you can depend on Living Color to do it right, from start to finish.
For all installations, Living Color will:
• Provide courteous, on-time installation by professional installers, licensed and insured as required by law, and trained to meet our tight standards.
• Take the utmost care of your home during the installation process, including wearing shoe covers and protecting your floors.
• Complete a pre-installation site survey upon arrival at your home to ensure the success of the installation.
• Install and secure your new aquarium structure.
• Check for proper operation.
• Clean up the work area, including removal of packaging and installation-related debris.
• Provide you with a Basic Aquarium Care manual and fish portfolio, personalized to the installed system.
• Provide a certificate of professional installation warranty for one year.
Installing a 26’ tall, 9000 gallon cylinder aquarium in North Carolina
Installation Example 3 A Installation Example 3 B Installation Example 3 C
Installing a 14,000 gallon cylinder aquarium 
Installation Example 1 A Installation Example 1 B Installation Example 1 C
Installing a large custom residential aquarium in Atlanta, GA
Installation Example 2 A Installation Example 2 B Installation Example 2 C
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