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Yacht Aquariums

Imagine cruising the Caribbean on your luxury yacht and watching an exact replica of the region’s exotic marine life in your shipboard custom yacht aquarium! Or, if your tastes lie in other underwater areas, how about a 2,000-gallon aquarium habitat stocked with all the sea life that one might expect to see in the Indian Ocean or the South Pacific? Living Color Aquariums is the global leader in creating shipboard aquariums for the world’s finest yachts and ships.

There are some unique items that must be considered when creating large aquariums for ocean yachts. We design our custom aquariums to withstand the load and changing pressures of yachts sailing on the roughest seas. We build our yacht aquariums with specially designed watertight canopies and covers to prevent the aquarium and filtration water from spilling during harsh conditions. The aquarium’s life support systems and lighting are specifically designed to meet all rigors of the sea. Yacht designers and marine engineers worldwide trust Living Color Aquariums to design and build spectacular ship-board aquariums that are able to withstand the even the most challenging maritime conditions.

Please review a gallery of our yacht aquariums below.