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Discovery Collection

Have you coveted the picturesque and museum quality aquariums you’ve seen on TV, in your favorite restaurant, or even at a colleagues’ home? Do you pine for an aquarium of your own, but feel it isn’t a possibility for you due to either cost, maintenance, or other barriers?

You are not alone. And feedback from potential customers like you is what motivated us to create our popular Living Color Discovery Collection of aquariums. This turnkey custom aquarium system is created for style and simplicity.

Please review a gallery of our Discovery Collection aquariums below.

Each dazzling custom aquarium system comes complete with everything one may need, including a state of the art, fully self-contained Living Color aquarium filtration system, the finest quality decor and specialty aquarium lighting. Although pre-designed, the expansive lists of options allow each customer the ability to craft an aquarium that best fits both their logistical needs and stylistic desires. Chose everything from freshwater to saltwater configurations, cabinetry styles, finishes, reefs and other décor. In addition clients can work with us to ensure that their Discovery Collection Aquarium perfectly suits a particular application. Whether built into a wall, kitchen, reception area or even bathroom, our Discovery Collection Aquariums are truly versatile. At Living Color Aquariums we pride ourselves in our customer’s satisfaction and will work with you to design a truly breathtaking aquarium.

Our standard Discovery Collection aquarium package comes with:

  • Acrylic aquarium with 3-year warranty on workmanship
  • Museum-quality synthetic coral reef aquarium sculptures
  • L.E.D. aquarium lighting with programmable timers
  • Structural steel support stand with rubberized rust-resistant coating
  • Self-contained aquarium filtration system
    • Wet-Dry Trickle Filter
    • Protein Skimmer
    • Cartridge Filter
    • Circulation Pump

Optional Upgrades:

  • Deluxe filtration package
    • UV, Convenience Feeder, RO top-off and Water Pan
  • Polished acrylic aquarium corners
  • Custom Cabinetry

Or perhaps you already own an aquarium and would like to update the decor? Our Plug and Play Aquarium Decorations are an affordable way to upgrade your aquarium with our award-winning decorations.