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“Plug & Play” Decorations

Living Color Aquariums’ signature “Plug and Play” Interactive Coral Reef System is an innovative and interactive system that provides an unmatched level of flexibility for the aquarium enthusiast (at an extremely affordable price).

Simple, easy and affordable, with the use of “Plug and Play”, one can take on the role of designer and create endless coral and reef creations with only a few pieces.

Follow these 4 easy “Plug and Play” steps and you’re on your way to create (or recreate) endless coral masterpieces:

1. Select a “Plug and Play” base from one of our Island Collections – The Aruba, The Barbados, The St. Kitts or the Dominica.

2. Select one of 2 rock base colors and 3 different sponge accent colors.

3. Choose coral pieces from our vibrant fabricated coral, complete with optional rod.

4. “Plug in” the corals to pre-drilled holes in the base, and “Play” to create your favorite decorations.

Lacking inspiration? You can always ask to pre-select from some of our most popular corals.