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Nano Coral Islands Artificial Coral Reefs

Our Nano Coral Islands are another versatile option to enhance your aquarium environment, while providing a safe, natural looking and non-toxic environment for all aquatic animals. The Living Color Nano Coral Islands Artificial Reefs allow you to enjoy the beauty of a coral reef environment without the added care and expense required to keep delicate live corals.  Their compact size makes them a perfect choice for small desktop aquariums or positioned in groups of beautiful archipelagos to decorate larger aquariums.

Available in 3 multi-functional styles:

  1. Antigua Coral Island: Elegant and with a flat back, the Antigua is best placed against the wall of an aquarium to create the look of an impressive coral reef peninsula.
  2. Bonaire Nano Coral Island: Our largest island, the Bonaire has the flexibility to function anywhere in the aquarium to create a beautiful island.
  3. Bimini Nano Coral Island: Similar to the Bonaire, but slightly smaller in width and height, the Bonaire also functions anywhere in the aquarium as a beautiful stand alone island.