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Fabrication Process

Living Color Aquariums takes great pride in the turnkey approach that we have spent years developing. We design, engineer, fabricate and assemble your custom aquarium within our state of the art manufacturing facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This approach ensures that every Living Color custom aquarium we produce is of the highest quality and will last beautifully for many years to come.

Once the design process has been completed and your approval has been confirmed, our fabrication process will commence. Your design will instantly be sent to our automated computer numerical control machines for the most precise sizing of all aquarium acrylic. This facilitates both a better product and a faster delivery time.

Our Aquarium Fabrication Team casts your corals, hand sculpts and colors your custom synthetic reefs, builds and finishes your cabinetry, and creates your own unique work of art.  Your aquarium is then machine-polished following the completion of our museum-grade bonding process.