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Reverse Osmosis / DI Filters

Living Color presents the ultimate in water purification by combining the two technologies of Reverse Osmosis and Dionization (RO/DI). The Clear Choice RO-DI  advanced filtration system  is used to  purify tap water sources before use in either fresh, brackish, or saltwater aquarium  systems to provide superior water quality.  Many of our award-winning aquarium systems are fitted with these highly reliable and compact filtration units.

Our quality range of combination RO/DI Filters  remove chlorine, nitrate, phosphate, heavy metals and other unwanted chemical elements found in tap water that can lead to algae blooms and other water quality problems. Living Color RO/DI Systems meet stringent standards and far exceed the quality of similar systems from other manufacturers. We offer 3 models ranging from the economical 3-stage RO-DI 25 producing up to 25 gallons of filtered water per day, the RO-DI 75 and the  top of the line 5-stage RO-DI 100 which makes up to 100 gallons of ultra pure water daily.

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 Aquarium RO-DI Filter