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Plug & Play Aquarium Decorations

We strive to do our part to help preserve the world’s natural corals and reefs by creating beautiful and realistic synthetic corals and reef inserts.  Our museum-quality aquarium decorations will enhance any aquarium without the unnecessary harvesting of delicate living corals.

Living Color has one of the largest artificial coral selections in the industry. Our unique fabrication process assures the most natural looking, durable and non-toxic synthetic corals. Our huge selection of artificial corals, together with our 4 different Plug and Play bases create endless possibilities and hours of fun for you and your fish. Decorating your aquarium like a pro just could not be any easier. Feel free to contact us for further information.

All our corals and reefs are proudly MADE IN THE USA at our Florida Factory.

Plug & Play Coral Insert Aquarium DecorationPlug & Play Coral Insert Aquarium Decoration
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Plug and Play Interactive Coral Reef System
Plug & Play is an innovative interactive reef system that provides unusual flexibility for the aquarium enthusiast.1. Select a Plug and Play base from our Island Collection - The Aruba, The Barbados, The St. Kitts or the Dominica.
2. The Plug and Play bases are available in 2 rock base colors and 3 different sponge accent colors.
3. Choose coral pieces from our vibrant fabricated coral complete with optional rod.
4. “Plug in” to pre-drilled holes in the base, or ask to pre select from our most popular corals
Plug and Play Bases without corals
Aruba Natural Purple
Barbados Natural Blue
St Kitts Natural Yellow
The St. Kitts
Dominica Natural Yellow
Pre-plugged Plug and Play bases with Corals *To achieve a more realistic look, we can permanently attach the corals to the base for an additional charge (as shown).
Aruba Pre Plugged Yellow
Plug and Play Aquarium Decorations
St Kitts Pre Plugged
The St. Kitts
Dominica Pre Plugged
Standard Artificial Coral Reef Decorations include:

Atlantis Backdrop

Atlantis Backdrop

Size: 25″ x 19″ x 34″

Atlantis Pillar

Atlantis Pillar

Size: 25″ x 19″ x 34″

Small Eel Cave

Small Eel Cave

Size: 21″ x 15″ x 15″

Large Eel Cave

Large Eel Cave

Size: 34″ x14.5″ x18″

Neptune Pillar

Neptune Pillar (perfect of cylinder aquariums)

Size: 26″ x 42.4″

Atlantis Center Island

Size: 23″ x 15″ x 21″

Rock Color Options are:


Natural Rock Finish


Signature Rock Finish

Sponge Color Options are:

Sponges Natural

Sponge Color Options on Natural Rock

Sponges Signature

Sponge Color Options on Signature Rock

• Purple
• Yellow
• Blue
• Orange

See how easy it is to use our Plug and Play Decorations

Here are some images of aquariums decorated with our Corals and Plug and Play Decorations from our valued  re-sellers and aquarium hobbyists worldwide.

Plug And Play Living Color Coral Insert
Plug And Play Plug and Play

John S., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Aquarium World, Panama
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Ocean Experience, CA
Ocean Experience, CA
Ocean Experience, CA

Plug and Play Aquarium Decorations

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Plug and Play Aquarium Decorations-Living Color

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