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New Era Aquarium Diets


New Era Aquarium Food
New Era has continued to build upon its world renowned market leading marine diets to develop a full range of Marine, Tropical and Coldwater products.  New Era’s diets contain only the highest quality natural ingredients, proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals.Our unique low temperature, low speed and low pressure manufacturing processes keep all the goodness locked in. This helps support the immune system and enhances the natural coloration of your fish. Plus, with no leaching, water quality is not compromised.”
Incorporating state of the art technological processes and new scientific developments in dietary performance, our nutrition range brings aquarium keeping into a New Era.  The diets are amazingly nutritious and 1lb of New Era Pellets has the nutritional value of 10lbs of fresh seafood.
New Era diets been developed from the highest quality products, encompassing components that form well-balanced feeds with only natural preservatives producing a highly palatable and digestible feeding regime. All products have been designed to prevent leaching and rapid degradation of feeds to complement recirculated filtration systems. Public Aquariums throughout Europe and North America are using these diets with great success.  In the short time that the diets have been available to North American Zoos and Aquariums, over a dozen industry  leading public facilities are now using the diets in addition to over 45 aquariums and zoos throughout Europe.
Contact us for wholesale pricing inquires or further product information.  We sell directly to Public Aquariums , Zoos and Institutions throughout the USA.
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