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Artificial Seagrass – Kelp – Seaweed

Living Color are the exclusive distributors of museum-quality Pangea Artificial Sea Grass, Kelp and Algae in the USA.

We offer a wide variety of realistic and lifelike replicas of  sea grass, kelp, marine algae and freshwater plants.  The artificial plants  are available in stock or custom sizes with a variety of mounting solutions for a wide range of applications.

The artificial aquatic plants and algae are used by leading  public aquariums and zoos worldwide. The museum-quality artificial plants are made using a durable synthetic material that resists fading over time and are the most realistic aquatic plants available in the market today.

A range of robust Seal and Penguin resistant kelp is also available.

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Artificial Kelp Artificial Seagrass  Artificial Seagrass Artificial Kelp Artificial Seagrass
Artificial Kelp  Sealproof Artificial Kelp Artificial Seagrass
Artificial Macrocystis pyrifera Fucus versiculosus, Laminaria saccharina Artificial Vallisneria Gigantera
Artificial Surfgrass - Phyllospadix Artificial Seaweed Funcus Serratus Turtlegrass - Thallassia
Phyllospadix (Surfgrass) Funcus Serratus Turtlegrass – Thallassia
Artificial Algae Coldwater Artificial Surfgrass (Phyllospadix), Eelgrass (Zostera), Turtle Grass Thallassia), Posidonia Artificial Seagrass
Fucus versiculosus, Laminaria saccharina Artificial Phyllospadix, Zostera, Thallassia, Posidonia  Artificial Surfgrass (Phyllospadix)
Artificial Kelp - Artificial  Seagrass -  Artificial Seaweed Artificial Kelp Seaweed Sealproof Kelp
Sealproof Artificial Kelp  Sealproof Artificial Kelp 
Zostera marina (eelgrass)  Artificial Seagrass Artificial Laminaria saccharina