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Custom Artificial Coral Reef Inserts

Custom Artificial Coral Inserts

Living Color are the leading manufacturers of Custom Artificial Coral Reef Inserts and examples of our work can be seen in public aquariums, zoos and commercial properties worldwide. From a 50 gallon home aquarium to a 500,000 public aquarium, we create award winning, museum-quality Artificial Coral Reef Inserts and Themed Environments for any application.

We strive to do our part to help preserve the world’s natural corals and reefs by creating beautiful and realistic artificial corals and reef inserts.  Our museum-quality aquarium decorations will enhance any aquarium without the unnecessary harvesting of delicate living corals.

Our fabricated reefs and coral inserts provide a natural looking, non-toxic and safe environment for aquatic animals. The breathtaking beauty of the world’s oceans can easily and realistically be yours to enjoy!

All of our Artificial Coral Reef Inserts are:

  • Natural-looking
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable; will not abrade or peel
  • Will not scratch acrylic
  • UV inhibitors impede discoloration and deterioration
  • Beautiful in both marine and freshwater aquariums


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Rainforest Cafe Before and After Renovation

Using the original 15 year old inserts as a base structure, our team of artists completely renovated the old reef inserts at a Rainforest Cafe location. The large aquariums and inserts could not be moved and the restaurant had to remain open for business. To address this challenge, our team worked all night long for several weeks to complete the project.

We encapsulated the old fiberglass inserts with Living Color’s proprietary epoxy blend to create the amazing new custom coral reefs. We then attached hundreds of our revolutionary new 2-tone corals to complete this brightly colored whimsical project.

Custom Multi-Piece Reef Inserts
Beautiful, functional, and – most of all – easily maintained, Living Color’s all new multi-piece reef systems are the future of innovative aquarium decor. Specially designed to fit into aquariums that have limited access from low overhead clearance or small lid openings and therefore cannot accommodate a full sized reef insert. We hand sculpt each reef insert with the limited space limitation in mind and create a reef unique to each application. These unique multi-piece reefs function not only as decorative habitat, but will also conceal unsightly plumbing lines and overflow boxes. Plumbing drains and returns may also be designed directly into the reef itself for public aquarium style exhibitry. The fact that these structures can fit into most major brands of aquariums through existing lid openings and can be removed for cleaning outside the tank if needed makes our Multi-Piece Reef Inserts a hit!

Using our unique interlocking design, Living Color reef systems create a large, beautiful, and colorful structure that is virtually seamless once installed. Shapes, sizes and viewing angles are unique to each reef and each aquarium application, so please contact a Sales Representative for specific design details and pricing information.

A Custom Multi-Piece Reef Insert in 3 pieces before assembly

An assembled 3 piece Multi-Piece Reef Insert