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Aqua Maid – Cleaning Solution
To help keep our Award Winning, Museum Quality Artificial Corals and Reef Inserts clean, Living Color has developed Aqua—Maid, a novel Industrial Strength Aquarium Cleaning Solution. After extensive research, we have formulated Aqua-Maid to be fish-safe and ready to use right in the aquarium.  Aqua-Maid’s main active ingredient is concentrated aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).  Using its high oxidizing capacity, Aqua-Maid eases algae removal from  artificial corals and reefs and acts to significantly reduce algae growth on aquarium decorations.  Aqua-Maid is being used by professional aquarium maintenance companies across North America and the product is proven to clean and brighten aquariums in as little as 24hrs!
Aqua-Maid 16oz
16 oz
Aqua-Maid One Gallon Algae Treatment
1 Gallon
Recommended Dosage
For Routine Maintenance: Administer one (1) fluid ounce per twenty five (25) gallons of aquarium water once per week directly into the aquarium.
For a Major Aquarium Cleaning: Administer one (1) fluid ounce per ten (10) gallons of aquarium water once per week directly into the aquarium until desired level of cleanliness and clarity is achieved. Once the aquarium is clean, use Routine Maintenance Dosage.
For use Outside the Aquarium: Aqua-Maid may be used to clean Artificial Coral and Rockwork outside the aquarium at up to three (3) times the Routine Aquarium Dosage.
*Product may be harmful to some scaleless freshwater fishes and saltwater invertebrates. Not for use on Live Reef Aquariums.  Do not use if significant lateral line erosion, visible wounds or disease are present.
Once product is added to the aquarium, water quality should be monitored for any rise in NH3 and/or NO2 and a partial water change done if necessary. Due to the concentrated nature of the product, we only sell Aqua-Maid to certified aquarium service companies.  Please contact us for more information.  *Read product label thoroughly and follow instructions before use.